Comfortable learning

Preparing new taxi drivers for their future job

One of the most valuable startups in the world. Hundreds of thousands of drivers worldwide. Every country has different requirements for an applicant to become a driver. We worked with UBER Czech Republic to help potential drivers learn everything they need for the license.

The Problem

Every taxi driver in Czech republic must pass the exam for a taxi license. The exam is not easy and there was no efficient way to prepare and to test your knowledge beforehand.

UBER needed to develop a learning application that would guide drivers through the pile of information and prepare for the test. The platform had to be user-friendly and motivate drivers to learn.


The Solution

We developed a responsive web application with a database of questions divided into multiple categories. Users can view test questions in three different ways to help them learn and understand the correct answer within its context. Everyone can choose the best way for them to learn for the test.

Users can run preparatory tests for a selected category or simulate real taxi license exam. The test results are placed on the main page so that users can access them quickly and see their progress.


“Working with Lunadio, we saved a lot of time and money. Effortless collaboration, fast delivery and great results!”

Marek Homola, Uber