Smart cities

Where effective dialogue is the solution

My Hometown shows our passion and thrill for innovation and for solving real problems. The service enables effortless and effective communication between mayors and citizens through announcements, polls and reports.

The Problem

Many villages and small towns in Central Europe are still using public address system as the only communication channel between mayors and citizens. This often leads to lack of awareness. Citizens have also limited options for sharing ideas for improvement and reporting problems due to one-sided communication.

Bigger cities are often using social networks to communicate with citizens, but this solution is also not ideal. People won't get notified in time for critical updates and they are mostly on the receiving end, with limited chance to be heard.


The Solution

We decided to empower the citizens with the ability to stay up-to-date with current news and events, vote in quick polls, share ideas and report issues.

People carry this important tool in their pockets in form of a mobile app and mayors can take advantage of the web-based dashboard. The app also supports local government's internal communication, making the decision process quicker and more efficient.


We developed this solution from an idea to a growing product currently used on daily basis in multiple parts of Slovakia and Czech Republic.

The main challenge is getting the old-school mayors to understand the importance of empowering the citizens. They are mostly afraid to hear what people think, but once they try it they agree that it's really important and makes their job easier.

Our work on this project is far from done, but we are taking big steps forward.