Learn to code

Platform for engaging learning experiences

Learn2Code provides beginner courses in design and development field. They have evolved from having only a few evening courses and now they provide the only full-stack online web design course in Slovakia.

The Problem

The challenge was to rethink the app to effortlessly guide a customer through all stages — from the selection of the right course to completing all the chapters.

The original version was lacking consistency, was hard to understand and didn't convert well. Customer support was often getting complaints from students about unexpected behavior and overall slowness of the app.

Learn2Code decided to take the app to the next level as they were planning to focus on online courses.


The Solution

To avoid cold and robotic feel, the landing screen welcomes visitors with real photos from evening courses – showing pleasant and friendly atmosphere. You can also learn more about the teachers behind each course.

Each course has its own color that represents it through the entire app. Each screen that belongs to a specific course has its own little "branding". This makes it impossible to get lost in the app.